• Making our clients’ visions

    a reality through passion

    and enthusiasm for coding

Your idea + our technology expertise = game changing solutions

We are a team of enthusiasts who have been fueled by their greatest passion – software programming - for over 10 years. We are channeling the passion and experience to create innovative mobile and web solutions for clients in Poland and worldwide.

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Making it happen for you

Our Work Process

  • 01


    We want to understand your idea and goals to propose made-to-measure approach that works for you. Scope of the project gets fleshed out here.

  • 02


    Prioritization and development & release roadmap. We want to set milestones and checkpoints along the way to make sure we are heading in the right direction with good pace.

  • 03


    We strongly believe in ‘what you see is what you get’ philosophy that is why we take time to map out the solution for everybody’s awareness - be it UI mockup or architecture design. If there are any unknowns or risks we recommend a POC step to pilot test assumptions.

  • 04


    Getting to done – we iteratively provide a solution for your review. That phase of the project is where the idea gets coded into working software.

  • 05

    Quality Check

    Quality is built in the design and development process but we do the final shakedown and end to end testing to make sure the solution meets the agreed quality, security and performance requirements.

  • 06

    Maintenance & Growth

    Once the solution is live we provide support and capacity to implement enhancements and adapt the product to respond to your users feedback.

Whatever your IT needs, we got you covered

What We Offer

Hands on, in depth expertise in all leading mobile, front-end and back-end technologies

Development Services

Consulting Services

Mobile Development

Android, iOS, Windows – we have hands on experience in building custom applications for all major platforms to help you reach all your potential users and markets

Web Development

Websites, business, e-commerce or social networking applications – we provide you with tools to expand your digital presence

Deployment Pipeline

Effective CI/CD is crucial for agility – we can help set you up to speed up your time to market

System Architecture

Our engineers understand that a robust solution starts with a well thought through architecture. Whether it is complexity or scalability or both we can assist in defining the right set up for your project


Project Management

We have been doing it for our projects – we can help you with yours to get you across the line on time.

Product Design

Ideation, user journey, mockups, proof of concepts and experiments – we offer to support you in defining your vison into a digital product


We are happy to share our know-how to make sure the solutions you invest in are following best practices and security standards

QA & Audit

Validation of development and deployment process to ensure quality is built in and outcomes are up to standard

+ years

in web and mobile development

We are a team of seasoned professionals who have been around for a long while but still stay curious. We started in the industry for different reasons but we have stayed because we are passionate about building great products

+ years

in digital product&services management

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